Snickers cookies

You know how things can be very bad in the beginning, when we start making something, and it ends up like disaster. It happen to me so many times, but you know what, I almost never quit, until I'm done.

A few days ago I decided to make some easy cookies and I was so exited being in the kitchen again, after a while. Everything started great. Good idea, everything of ingredients what I needed it was already there and it went smoothly, until baking time... When my cookies started looking like a pancake in the oven. At the end, taste was great, but texture was complite failure. But, I gave to self another chance... And guess what, I succeed.


* 2 sticks of butter

* 1 cup of brown sugar

* 1 cup of crystal sugar

* 2 eggs

* 1 tsp of vanilla

* 1 tsp of baking powder

* 2 cups of all purpose flour

* Snickers chocolate


In one bowl mix together butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, add cropped snickers. When everything is nice combined and smooth, add flour, a little by little at the time and mix together. Mixture put in the fridge for a 20 - 30 minutes. Min while preheat oven to 275 degrees and on the baking pan put baking paper. Make the bowls out of mixture and put on the baking pan, making the space between.

Bake for a 15-20 minutes, until edges are golden brown. Take it out and cool down.

Enjoy with your coffee, tee or just use it like snack...

Bon Appetit!

Alex So So Sweet



Before start prepare all ingredients. In that way you will save your time and you will be more organized.



Use ingredients that you already have. Be creative and ready to make some changes in recipe.



Be positive and don't put high expectations of yourself.

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