R U Ok?

Today is "R U Ok?" day and on this day I decided writing my story.

The truth is that we are all suffering at some point of our life from depression, but not so many are willing to talk about that. Sometimes is about feeling lonely, some of us lost job, lost someone that we love, got divorced, moved to another place...

I remember when I was in my early 20's and worked job that I wanted badly like journalist on local TV station. On some days I worked more than 10 hours. In the beginning volunteering for 6 months, and later being paid very poorly. Work atmosphere was very bad, too. Aldo, I was very young and just beginner, my director treat me very bad and it was her, not him. I didn't have luck in love, too. Ended up broken twice in a year... And that was just too much. In that time I struggled with eating disorder, too.

It was some rainy day in September when I came to my friend, hair stylist, and said to her "Cut my hair completely." She looked at me and asked "Are you sure?", I said "YES."

And she cut it, she cut it all... I remember that was like new beginning for me... I looked like a boy. I remember that I was thinking, maybe now someone will start respecting my work and effort and stop treating me just like some pretty girl.

After that things started changing, but I never cut my hair again. Also I believe that there is a reason for everything what is happening to us, for every person in our life. Some of them are there to give us a lesson, some to give us a pain, some to give us a happiness... But the most important, some are there to be our light and to show us that there is always something good what is coming our way and we need to wait just for another day.

So, things will be better, always, no matter where you are now.... There is always a light. And I have more of this stories to share with you. You are not alone.

Have a great day!





Before start prepare all ingredients. In that way you will save your time and you will be more organized.



Use ingredients that you already have. Be creative and ready to make some changes in recipe.



Be positive and don't put high expectations of yourself.

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