Life is sweet, please take a treat!

A few days ago I had wonderful opportunity to make something sweet for my friend's baby shower. I'm always so exacted when there is occasion to bake, because that's my passion. Baking for me is something special and it's all about that great feeling of "giving" and not "taking", seeing other people happy because you made something with love.

When I'm making something for a big number of people, I like to go safe. And safe in baking is almost always chocolate. This classic chocolate cake is covered with simple pink and gold decoration, which for me is perfection. Less is more. And party wouldn't be a party without cake pops and cupcakes.

I'm sharing my magic and my joy with you. Enjoy and find some inspiration.



Before start prepare all ingredients. In that way you will save your time and you will be more organized.



Use ingredients that you already have. Be creative and ready to make some changes in recipe.



Be positive and don't put high expectations of yourself.

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