All about Christmas...

There is no more joy than in December. Holliday spirit is all around us and you can fell happiness everywhere you go.

This year I chose to decorate our home with some new details and I love it. Reindeer is main detail and beige color with some gold and wood. In combination with delicious desserts and Christmas songs day just can't be any better. I would add some nice move and cup of tea, when kids go to bed.

Also, as every year, we made wish list and letters for Santa. A few days ago he finally visit us, but nobody saw him, unfortunately. But luckily he took letters, eat cupcakes and drink milk. We couldn't ask for more.

So, now we will be patient and wait to see did we do a good job this year... Or maybe not!?

HoHoHo #goodlucktoall




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Before start prepare all ingredients. In that way you will save your time and you will be more organized.



Use ingredients that you already have. Be creative and ready to make some changes in recipe.



Be positive and don't put high expectations of yourself.

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