My name is Alex...

So, here I'm in front of all of you. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Aleksandra and I moved with my family to USA nine months ago. There are four of us. My husband, Vlad, I and our two kids, Stefan and Bjanka (Bianca). As you can see, my daughter's name spelling is awkward for USA, but also it is unusual name in Serbia, too. I just liked that name, wanted it for her and we decided that spelling should be right choice in Serbia. At that moment we didn't have any plans to move to USA. However, life can be a challenge, so here we are.

As you probably already noticed, my English is not perfect, but I decided to share and to be brave enough to write my story and step out from my comfort zone, once again. I did that so many times in my life, why not now!?

This blog was a suggestion of one great young man (he told me that I need to mention him) and I told myself "it is so good idea, why not". This is for me and for my kids. I want for them to know that they can try and do whatever they want with their life, without being afraid. Not being afraid of other's opinions especially.

So, my friends, this blog will be my path of improvement in speaking and writing in English. If you want, please correct me. I know it's going to be a lot of work.

Now about me. I was born and I was growing up until my age of 33 (I believe I can still "grow") in Belgrade, Serbia. Not Siberia. Serbia. Yes. Thank you. Even though we like to tell people "Serbia is near Greece and Italy", there are some countries in between. Well it's ok, that's not so far from truth. I work as an Under 10 tennis director and my husband and I used to run tennis club back home, called "Step In". I also owned a bakery "So So Sweet". Baking and cooking became my passion about seven years ago and still I'm loving it. I also like to read and write, and to be honest, it's much easier using my native language, but here I am. I like to cook and bake when I have time, but nowadays I don't have enough time, since I'm a working mom. Hobbies like photography and social medias are filling my free time as well. Instagram is my favorit one. I enyojtravel and to spend time with my friends and family. And yesI like coffee, a lot of coffee and to dance. My kids thinks it's funny, but I think I'm talented. Oh yea.

And this is just start, I have so many stories to share with you...

Until next time, sending you hugs and love!

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